I’m Jasika Nicole, and this is my digital craft room!

I’ve been a maker ever since I can remember. Countless afternoons spent as a latchkey kid with no money for lessons or classes meant I became the source of my own entertainment; my eagerness to learn morphed into an obsession to create. I wrote catchy commercial jingles for imaginary products, belted The Little Mermaid to an audience of my dead-eyed stuffed animals, wrote, illustrated and “published” my own chapter books, cast my Barbies as lovers to act in short plays I directed. I imagined a life disconnected from poverty / classism / racism / homophobia so that I could live in something that felt limitless, a world that reflected me at every turn.  

Now as an adult, the life I lead feels like a direct manifestation of all the dreams and desires I had as a child. As a queer, black woman, I live and love openly and proudly. I have a successful career in television, film, audio and theatre, bringing life to ideas that once only existed on a page. I’ve taken more classes, read more How To books and followed more tutorials than I could possibly count. While this website has served many purposes for me over the years (promoting my acting, advertising my work as a freelance illustrator, selling my now-defunct line of handbags), it’s now settled into a celebration of the magic of making, whether it’s creating a character, a dress, or a watercolor. I’ve always been try curious about the world around me, and the older I get, the more I want to spark that interest in others, too.  

Between sewing, drawing, writing, painting, leatherwork, building furniture, making ceramics, reupholstering and shoemaking, my life outside the (at times, disappointing) industry of film and television feels abundant, exciting, and dear to me. I trust in my ability to be patient with myself and keep learning, pushing past the discomfort of frustration and failure so I can construct an environment full of possibility, wonder, and pride at the things both I and my community can accomplish.  

It is my greatest achievement, to live a life that my younger self would be in absolute awe of, and I welcome you to it.