Bare Mag and The Matthew Aaron Show

I did an interview for Bare Magazine and made them a quarantine diary with Claire’s help! I’m not practiced at all in the art of producing or editing videos, but this ended up being a pretty fun project, and perhaps even more importantly, sucking up a whopping 6 hours of my time! I am thankful for any and everything that makes these days go by more quickly, lol. You can read the interview HERE, and you can watch my quarantine diary below!

I also got to guest on the Matthew Aaron show recently and it was great- doing interviews over the phone isn’t my favorite, but Matthew is terrific at his job and we had a great time chatting! You can check that interview out on apple podcasts HERE or online HERE!



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  1. Sarah Avatar

    I really enjoyed your interview, thank you. I’m also an introvert staying home, I sew, which is why I ended up reading your blogs and I garden. I’m growing veg for myself and my neighbours and I’ve been sewing scrubs to try and help, but I think I could do with taking a leaf out of your book. Make something for fun, for me, just because it feels good. That would be a good thing. Thank you, take care x

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