Jasika leaning against a wood fence wearing a green dress, orange boots and black hat

Beaut J’adore for know me patterns

I am really loving the new line of patterns that Mimi G + Simplicity have released over the past year. If you are unfamiliar, the line is called Know Me patterns and the designs are all inspired by a variety of sewing influencers in the online sewing community who also model the patterns on the envelope. The sewing influencers embody a variety of ethnicities, cultures, body shapes and tastes, and although the majority of the styles aren’t to my personal liking, I really appreciate how unique and innovative a lot of the looks are and I LOVE seeing so many familiar and talented faces on the pattern envelopes when I (am forced to) go to my local Joanns! 

Jasika leaning against a wood fence wearing a green dress, orange boots and black hat

One influencer whose every release I seem to love is Beaut J’adore. I’ve made at least a couple of garments inspired by her blog posts in the past and I just adore her approach to fashion so much- its very classic and sophisticated but she always manages to style herself in a way that still feels current. Whenever Know Me patterns has a new pattern release I immediately look to see what she has worked on and she never disappoints! A while back she launched a fun dress pattern, ME2016, with some interesting details that I was dying to make, and I am so happy with how my version came out.

Jasika twirling in a green dress

I used a gridded green and black linen + lyocell from Blackbird Fabrics and though I did not have quite enough yardage to eek this dress out in its entirety, I was able to make it work by using some scrap tencel twill to line the bodice. Just a quick word on the fabric- it is Capital D Dreamy! They sold out of this fabric a while back (I bought it during their Black Friday Sale in 2022) and I totally understand why- the blend gives a little bit of structure to the linen so that it isn’t quite as wrinkly and scrunchy as it naturally wants to be, and it hangs really nicely without feeling too heavy.

Jasika showing her manicure with geometric chartreuse and peach nail designs

Aside from shortening the length of the dress and perhaps the sleeves just because of fabric parameters, I didn’t make any big adjustments to this pattern, and thankfully the Know Me line is very similar to the Mimi G for Simplicity line in that it does not have excessive amounts of ease, so I didn’t have to go down a number of sizes for it to fit properly- the size actually matches my measurements! The adjustments I did make were limited to taking in fabric at the back bodice around the zipper to accommodate my small back. 

Jasika showing the back view of her green dress

Overall thoughts on this dress are: A+. The construction was unique enough in the skirt and pocket area to keep me from being bored while making it (maybe bored isn’t the right word, but you know how sometimes you go on autopilot when you’re doing something you’ve done a million times? Well…that didn’t happen, lol!), and the pockets are very thoughtfully placed and designed, and they are also a generous size. In general the construction made sense and was easy to follow- sometimes these Big 4 patterns miss steps in their instructions or put things in a weird order and recommend bizarre techniques. But as with all the Mimi G for Simplicity patterns I have tried, these instructions made perfect sense and were very thoughtfully written.

Jasika showing the side view and sleeve of her dress

I also LOVE the drama of the sleeves, and was excited to make sleeve heads for the insides, as per the instructions, which gives the sleeve some body and height right at the shoulder and keep it from collapsing in on itself like a lot of puffy sleeves tend to do. I had never made a sleeve head for a garment before so this was educational and really satisfying to see the beautiful end result. And it really does make a difference in the silhouette of your sleeve- I will absolutely be using this technique in the future. I am super happy with this make and I would love to see it in a more structured fabric like a jacquard in the longer view for a fancier, even more dramatic look in cooler weather.

Jasika in a green dress, orange boots, brown crossbody bag and black hat


3 responses to “Beaut J’adore for know me patterns”

  1. Towera Avatar

    Amazing silhouette and fabric choice! Thank you for sharing this Know Me series, hadn’t seen it before – love the variety of patterns/makers, the fact that the designers model their designs makes them extra appealing to me. Have of course already checked out where I might get them here in the UK 🙂

  2. Cecile Avatar

    Hi dear—Just finding your website. (Didn’t know you were an actor until someone at BB mentioned it later. Then I noticed you were a craftsperson.) I did notice your amazing turnouts there. The color combinations!

    Talk about a curated closet! I’m inspired. Tossing out old stuff these days and I’m about to use an app to photograph each piece of clothing I own. I keep forgetting what I have already. It will also give combination suggestions.

    I used to sew. Have a Pfaff that’s now 54 years old. Still works, but I only use it to repair and to reshape some T-shirts from my travels.

    Tempted by the nail work. Cheers!

    1. Jasika Nicole Avatar

      Ahhh Cecile I am so delighted that you left a comment on my website! DELIGHTED! Cant wait to dig into more curated closet topics with you at coffee soon. Thank you so much!

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