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  • old chair new clothes

    old chair new clothes

    I first learned to reupholster about 10 years ago when we first moved to LA. After living in a pre-furnished home in Vancouver for years and finding myself unable to quench the DIY bug that had taken a firm hold on me, I hit the SoCal ground running and tackled every single project I had […] Continue >

  • Snowbunny In the Desert

    Snowbunny In the Desert

    This is a two-for one post because the garments looked so good together I couldn’t bear to separate them! Let’s start with the jacket, which has inspired more ridiculous stories and posts on my instagram account than I ever imagined. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jasika Nicole (@jasikaistrycurious) The jacket pattern […] Continue >

  • Oslo Coat + Phillipa Pants + No Frills Sweater

    Oslo Coat + Phillipa Pants + No Frills Sweater

    Whoah! Long time, no blog, eh?? Excuse me while I get comfy and settle into these old digs… I will not bore you with what a busy, roller coaster of a couple months it has been, but if you are on instagram you will know that I have been busy making and planning and storying, […] Continue >

  • DIY Hair Gel

    DIY Hair Gel

    I have been really getting into instagram stories lately for some weird reason. It’s weird to me because I still don’t “get” IG stories. Maybe it’s because I’m in my late thirties and I’m just now about to enter that period of an adult’s life where your comprehension and appreciation for technology starts to wane, but I just […] Continue >

  • Embrace Octopus Sweater

    Embrace Octopus Sweater

    I used to be pretty active on, taking photos of all my knitted projects and jotting down notes to include in my overview of the patterns and yarns I used, but now that I have my own blog and an instagram account, the effort seems tedious and unnecessary. Unfortunately, the result is that instead of […] Continue >

  • Constellation Quilt

    Constellation Quilt

    I saw the pattern for this quilt on Cashmerette’s instagram last year and immediately wanted to know more. I looked up the company that makes the quilt patterns, Haptic Labs, and saw that they have lots of different designs, from maps of neighborhoods and cities to bodies of water to constellations in the sky. I […] Continue >

  • TryCuriousity and DIYing Your XMas

    TryCuriousity and DIYing Your XMas

    Hi, folks! There has been a really long hiatus from this here blog because 1) Claire and I haven’t made time to plan out photoshoots and 2) I have been neck-deep in Christmas present making for the past three months so I don’t have that many makes to share in the first place. I have…

  • Quilting! Inspired by Quilting!

    Quilting! Inspired by Quilting!

    Like most of my creative endeavors, quilting is not something that I officially learned how to do. I was living in Vancouver and feeling miserable and bored because of the endless rain when somehow or another Claire and I stumbled upon a little fabric shop called Spool of Thread. It was bright and warm inside,…

  • A Walk Down Knittory Lane

    A Walk Down Knittory Lane

    I got into knitting almost 10 years ago when I was playing the title role in a musical called Chasing Nicolette at the Prince Music Theatre in Philly. Some time before I was cast in the show, I had been gifted a hardcover knitting book called Weekend Knitting, and I was immediately drawn to the…

  • New year, new rack.

    New year, new rack.

    COAT rack, that is! (ba dum ching) When we first moved to LA, my wife and I rented a really cute house across from a beautiful, hilly cemetery and started to try and build up our pitiful collection of furniture. We had lived in furnished spaces for our previous four years in Vancouver, and everything…

  • DIYing It Up

    DIYing It Up

    Thanks to a blog post I read in November of 2012, I was introduced to a new book that had just come out, called The Handbuilt Home, by Ana White. It was purported to  be a book that gave easy, comprehensive instructions to make furniture, no matter your experience level. On a whim I put…