• addie masters’ vintage jumpsuit dupe

    addie masters’ vintage jumpsuit dupe

    I went into a deep dive of the work of Addie Masters in this post so if you want to read more about the original designer this jumpsuit is a dupe for, please check it out! First things first, I think this make has total WOW factor and I am so pleased with how it […] Continue >

  • 2-toned summer dress in liberty print

    2-toned summer dress in liberty print

    The original idea I was dreaming up for my first The Fabric Store make of 2023 was a relaxed pant + robe combo. I kept seeing these colorful matching outfits on pinterest with really fun fabric placement and I was excited to try my own take. I wanted either a bold print or a bold […] Continue >

  • Faux Fur, Real Opulence

    Faux Fur, Real Opulence

    This coat was inspired by a woman named Ariana who worked on the wardrobe truck of my last job. She is one of those people who immediately comes across as VERY COOL. Tattoos, dyed hair, piercings, incredible style. She also happened to be a maker, and every time she came into my trailer we would […] Continue >

  • Amy Jumpsuit in Watercolor Voile

    Amy Jumpsuit in Watercolor Voile

    Well I am definitely late, in North America at least, with sharing this make since it’s top of the summer wear but decidedly fall now. This jumpsuit still works well in Los Angeles where it continues to bake like an oven (high of 93 degrees yesterday) but here in Vancouver it’s a whole 30 degrees […] Continue >

  • Blue Leopard Print Wrap Dress

    Blue Leopard Print Wrap Dress

    This stunning, buttery, vivid leopard print silk was gifted to me from Elisalex of By Hand London many months ago after we decided to do a fabric exchange. I was working in Vancouver and oohing and ahhing on instagram over the beautiful slubby linen Blackbird Fabrics had recently stocked. Elisalex wanted to get her hands […] Continue >

  • Dawn Jeans, Zebra Shirt, Gold Heels

    Dawn Jeans, Zebra Shirt, Gold Heels

    There are three separate makes in this post so this is gonna be a BLOOOONG one (I’m coining this term and I hope it really takes off lol). First up are the Dawn jeans by Megan Nielsen, a pattern filling the holes of many jeans-loving sewists the world over. I must admit, when I first […] Continue >

  • The Eponine Dress and Furry Heels

    The Eponine Dress and Furry Heels

    I call it The Eponine Dress for reasons that are obvious if you are familiar at all with Les Miz- Eponine’s character is beautiful, sad, and tragic, having faced more hardships than any one young woman ever should, pining after a lost love while surviving on the streets of Paris during the French Revolution (well,…

  • Candy Striped Tully Pants + Baby Blue Slides

    Candy Striped Tully Pants + Baby Blue Slides

      View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jasika Nicole (@jasikaistrycurious) I’m really proud of this make because it gave me a chance to demonstrate perseverance to myself in a way that I don’t always experience with sewing! About a year and a half ago when in Vancouver for work, I brought a…

  • Purple Backless Dress and Turquoise Animal Print Heels

    Purple Backless Dress and Turquoise Animal Print Heels

    This little purple number is made from a fav vintage pattern, Butterick 3867, that I first blogged about here a few years ago, but it was inspired by a pinterest image (below) that kept popping up in my feed over the fall. Apparently it’s a look from the upcoming Spring 2019 Madewell line up, and although…

  • The Kelly Dress

    The Kelly Dress

    This summer I was in a short film that my friend Kelly produced and also starred in, and we had a crazy amount of fun. Although me and Kelly have been friends for several years, this was our first opportunity to work together, and I appreciated us to getting to know each other in a…

  • Dotted Named Outfit with Slate Leather Flats

    Dotted Named Outfit with Slate Leather Flats

    As mentioned before on this blog, Named is not my favorite indie pattern brand. They have some great looking designs and I love their styling, but the drafting and instructions generally leave me always desiring more. Sakijane describes her complaints (which happen to mirror every single one of mine) very succinctly in this post about…

  • The White Kiki Party

    The White Kiki Party

    All my posts are being shared out of order because I made several things over the summer months but was too lazy to photograph any of them until recently, so now I am trying to balance them out with things I am currently making and I am getting all turned around. But it’s okay! Please…

  • MeMade Birkenstocks

    MeMade Birkenstocks

    The first question that I know the majority of you will be asking is where do I get authentic cork Birkenstock footbeds?, so let me go on and get that answer out of the way: I have NO idea! That’s something you will have to search for on your own! The footbeds are out there because…

  • Pink Heels

    Pink Heels

    I’ve made many pairs of shoes since the last time I posted about shoemaking on my blog, so a post on where I am in my journey is long overdue (and if you are interested in seeing a more extensive view of my makes, feel free to follow me at jasikaistrycurious on instagram)! Sandals have…

  • A Clog Post

    A Clog Post

    What is it with the sewing community and puns/wordplay? I’m not complaining, I love it (clearly), but I wonder why it’s so prevalent? Must have to do with the collective level of intellect sewist’s tend to have 😉 Today’s post is all about shoes! Even though at this point I make shoes several times a…

  • Reunited and it feeeeels so goooood…..

    Reunited and it feeeeels so goooood…..

    I’m not here to talk about Prince. I am forever sad about his death and I know many of y’all are too, and that is okay. Instead I wanted to share a non-sad, glorious thing that happened to me a few weeks ago. It has brought a big smile to my face over the last…

  • Sandal Making with Rachel Sees Snail Shoes

    Sandal Making with Rachel Sees Snail Shoes

    I have been absent a while on the blog (but not on the instaaagram!) because I have been working on getting a good set-up for my picture taking. I happen to be married to a talented photographer, but I hate having to rely on her to get pictures of all my makes. First it requires…

  • Red leather, yellow leather SHOES!

    Red leather, yellow leather SHOES!

    After Cashmerette posted a really great overview of her sandal making class on her blog, I felt inspired to join in the fun. I think it’s really exciting and motivating to see more and more people dipping their toes into the furthest corners of the DIY-osphere, and it’s also nice for me to document my…

  • Shoe Makery

    Shoe Makery

    Around Christmas time last year I was deep in the rabbit hole of sewing blogs and reading the personal musings of strangers ad nauseam when I stumbled across a post about DIY shoe making. I don’t remember the name of the girl or her blog, but I did make sure to pin all the information…