• Sippin’ on some sewing tea

    Sippin’ on some sewing tea

    Those who have been reading my blog posts for a while know that my primary resource for making inspiration of all kinds (clothes, shoes, ceramics, nail art!) is pinterest. It’s probably not anyone’s favorite, nor most efficient, platform to manage ideas and images, especially with ads placed every 4 or 5 pins (and lots of […] Continue >

  • My friend, Lance

    My friend, Lance

    I have a complicated relationship with public displays of grief. There are times when it can feel real and visceral and healing, and there are times when it can feel performative, especially when dealing with the loss of a well known public figure. While taking a couple of days to process my own sorrow about […] Continue >

  • Bare Mag and The Matthew Aaron Show

    I did an interview for Bare Magazine and made them a quarantine diary with Claire’s help! I’m not practiced at all in the art of producing or editing videos, but this ended up being a pretty fun project, and perhaps even more importantly, sucking up a whopping 6 hours of my time! I am thankful […] Continue >

  • Grace

    Hi all! I meant to publish this on my birthday last week but I totally forgot, lol! This essay was originally published on the Welcome To What We Are blog and now I’m sharing here for my own followers. Thanks so much for reading! Grace I was 9 years old when *Anna Finch, arguably the […] Continue >

  • A Short Story

    A Short Story

    This blog post is coming to you from my personal queerantine! Times are pretty terrifying and stressful and unprecedented for many of us who have had the privilege of living lives absent of large-scale chaos such as what the Coronavirus has introduced, but I have witnessed and experienced such profound moments of beauty during this […] Continue >

  • My Journey To A Curated Closet, The Finale! Part 4

    My Journey To A Curated Closet, The Finale! Part 4

    Well, it’s not really the finale…it’s actually more like the beginning! I feel like I’ve put in a considerable amount of brain work these past few weeks trying to make sense of all this information that’s been swimming around in my head and that part finally is over- now I just get to implement all […] Continue >

  • More Color, More Curation! Part 2

    More Color, More Curation! Part 2

    That last post started so many conversations, both here and on IG, which I wasn’t expecting at all! Thanks for sharing your own experiences and enthusiastic responses- it’s been fun reading about your own forays into playing around with a color palette and being more thoughtful about your wardrobe planning- it feels like there is…

  • The Curated Closet and Color Me Beautiful

    The Curated Closet and Color Me Beautiful

    I took a strong cue from my friend Renee of the Miss Celie’s Pants blog to read The Curated Closet, a lovely little book about how to cull your personal style and create a closet that works best for your tastes and lifestyle (full disclosure: I haven’t finished it yet because it was due back…

  • See ya, 2017!

    See ya, 2017!

      I can’t lie, I did not enter 2017 with much hope at all. After the Cheeto won the election, I had a brief surge of unfettered optimism that we as American citizens would rally together and fight for the rights of disenfranchised communities, not just here on our soil but the world over- everywhere…

  • Essay for the Sewcialists Blog

    Essay for the Sewcialists Blog

    After so much thoughtful and supportive feedback from my NOLA Skirt post, I was excited to have a chance to expand a little bit more on the concept of intersectional crafting. Thank you Gillian for giving me a platform to share with your readers over on the Sewcialist blog and for urging me to contribute…

  • Whitewashing NOLA

    Whitewashing NOLA

    I made this skirt a while ago, and honestly there isn’t much to it. It’s a self drafted dirndle skirt, one long skinny rectangle sewed onto a longer and wider rectangle with gathering on one side- about the easiest garment you can make. What is significant about this make is the fact that it was…

  • Nick

    It is Monday morning in Los Angeles and the traffic is bad and I am in a Lyft on my way to the airport and I know for absolute certain that I am going to miss my flight. It’s my fault. It has been an excruciating week and in my frenzy to prepare for this…

  • A Weekend in Hell, or How to Organize Your Sewing Patterns

    A Weekend in Hell, or How to Organize Your Sewing Patterns

    There are many, many, many awesome posts by sewing bloggers about how they organized their massive collection of sewing patterns, and if I’m being honest, I don’t think the world necessarily needs another one. BUT! I have decided to add my 2 cents anyways because I found a lot of annoying issues with the method…

  • Suicide Kale, A Film

    It feels a little bit like a dream that I never knew I had has come true! Suicide Kale, which I have only mentioned here before briefly, is a feature film that me and my friends made a couple of years ago, and as of this week it is now available for rent on both…

  • New Etsy Shop to Support Charities

    New Etsy Shop to Support Charities

    I posted about this on my instagram, tumblr and twitter accounts, but I neglected to write anything about it here- unfortunately when I have an idea that is implemented quickly, my actual blog is rarely the first place I share it. I assume that most of my readers here followed me on social media first and…

  • Janome Jem

    Janome Jem

    Renee of Miss Celie’s Pants fame convinced me to write a little blog post on my experience with the Janome Jem since there are not a whole lot of info/reviews about it online, and she is basically my all-things-sewing-blog guru, so of course I had to do it! Back in August I found out that I would…

  • Campus Pride Speech/ Autostraddle Article

    Campus Pride Speech/ Autostraddle Article

    I mentioned in this post a couple of weeks ago that I recently had the opportunity to give a speech for Campus Pride, an organization that does a lot of important work in the LGBTQ community and beyond. It meant a lot to me that they gave me a platform to speak a bit about my…

  • Getting In Bed with Kristin: An Interview

    Getting In Bed with Kristin: An Interview

    Oh, haiiiii! I wanted to post a link to an interview I recently did with the super smart, super lovely, super many-other-things Kristin Russo of Everyone Is Gay! If you are unfamiliar, Everyone Is Gay is an organization that seeks to enrich the lives of LGBTQ youth through humor, honesty and compassion, and they work…

  • 2016 Projected Projects

    How quickly time flies- it was only a year ago that I wrote a post about New Year’s resolutions and how they aren’t really my jamp, but how I do like to occasionally map out plans and ideas for the year ahead. I promise I am not going to do a repeat of that in…

  • TryCuriousity and DIYing Your XMas

    TryCuriousity and DIYing Your XMas

    Hi, folks! There has been a really long hiatus from this here blog because 1) Claire and I haven’t made time to plan out photoshoots and 2) I have been neck-deep in Christmas present making for the past three months so I don’t have that many makes to share in the first place. I have…

  • Design*Sponge Feature!

    I feel REALLY lucky to have found my way into the Design*Sponge circle in the past few months. I am thrilled to announce that I will be in Grace Bonney’s new book In The Company of Women, coming out in Fall 2016. The book is comprised of interviews with a diverse group of women who…

  • Living a Try Curious Lifestyle

    Living a Try Curious Lifestyle

    It dawned on me recently that my interest in creating things was big enough to merit it’s own little world here on my website. Technically this site is supposed to put me in the ranks of modern actors who update their pages with information on upcoming performances and showcases and classes and resumes, but if…

  • Love (& Marriage?)

    Although my recent wedding (if one could even call it that) was small and private, as a queer woman I feel compelled to share some of the details of our decision to get married. It’s really important that members of the LGBTQIA community are able to contribute their own experiences to the world, regardless of…

  • The Girl Scout Promise

    The Girl Scout Promise

    I got my “Daisy Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting” in the mail yesterday, a thick blue fancy looking binder with a magnetized closure flap on the side and a space to print out my name underneath the “This book belongs to:” tag. This binder is pretty much everything my 33 and 7 year old selves…

  • Commencement

    A year ago I had the honor of  returning to my alma mater to deliver the commencement speech to the graduating class of Catawba College, Class of 2013. Since then, parts of that speech have been shared in various forms over the Internet , so I am officially posting it here in it’s entirety on…

  • An Idea.

    An Idea.

    I wont lie to you; this did not start out innocently. This, like many successful things that exist in our society at present, started out as a joke-slash-dare-slash-get-rich-quick scheme. I was noticing a real trend in the popular media that I was consuming (or rather, being forced to consume). First there was Julie, the lady…