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After so much thoughtful and supportive feedback from my NOLA Skirt post, I was excited to have a chance to expand a little bit more on the concept of intersectional crafting. Thank you Gillian for giving me a platform to share with your readers over on the Sewcialist blog and for urging me to contribute something- these ideas have been rattling around in my head for a while now and this was the kick in the pants I needed to put pen to paper pixel to screen and fashion them into something cohesive and hopefully relatable. You can click here to head over to the Sewcialist’s blog and read my piece, My crafting, like my feminism, is intersectional. To all who have read it already, thanks so much for your support and for continuing the dialogue amongst your own crafting buddies!







2 responses to “Essay for the Sewcialists Blog”

  1. eimear Avatar

    that was a wonderful read-most definitely far more poetic than I could write, but it echos a similar stream of thoughts I have when I am hand-sewing or musing about making. really lovely

  2. Gillian Avatar

    Thanks for spreading the word, Jasika, and for being part of so many great online discussions!

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