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It dawned on me recently that my interest in creating things was big enough to merit it’s own little world here on my website. Technically this site is supposed to put me in the ranks of modern actors who update their pages with information on upcoming performances and showcases and classes and resumes, but if I am honest, I have never felt quite “in the ranks” of modernity with my job anyways. My life as an actor is, in my opinion, the least interesting thing about me; I am not the most talented person in my field, and there are plenty of people with my job who are much more well known than I am. But what does make me special is my fascination with creating things with my hands, the incredible amount of patience I have with myself, my trust that there is little in this world that I cannot accomplish. So I (re)introduce to you TRY CURIOUS BLOG, a space dedicated to sharing in the delights of living a try curious lifestyle! I have Claire to thank for this fantastic title, which seems at once fitting and silly and inspiring, while giving a nice little nod to my own queer identity. So far my life in creative curiosity has acquainted me with power tools, shoes lasts, boom mics, vintage sewing machines, onigiri molds and bentonite clay, and I feel a thrill every time I have another opportunity to expand my world. The older I get, the more enthusiasm I have for the process as opposed to the final product, and this has diversified my artistic endeavors tremendously. Thanks so much for being a reader of this blog and for showing your support with comments and likes.

Here’s to living a Try Curious lifestyle together 😉





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  1. Margarita Avatar

    I know this post is old, but I thank you for writing it. I’ve been reading your blog mostly for the sewing inspiration–thank you for that! But I started reading because I enjoyed you so much on Fringe, and I knew you were an artist.
    At any rate, my 28 year-old niece will be getting married to her girlfriend in the fall of this year, and every time I think of it, I marvel at how times have changed. I am so happy and so proud of her. She and her girlfriend are so very smart and brave and strong. And I know that we are all going to have to fight to keep things this way, to keep them open and free and equal. I know that I am willing to fight for that–I was even before my niece came out to us. Because we are all human beings who should have the same rights. Because love is love is love is love. And what we should care about is being good to one another, period. So I thank you for being strong, for loving your wife and your friends and your family and for putting that love of your life and everyone in it out there for the world to know and see. You are making a difference whether you know it or not. (And thanks for all the sewing inspiration, too!)

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