Love for The Fabric Store with a Liberty Make


After Claire and I moved to LA from Vancouver a few years ago, my sewing habit accelerated tremendously. There were plenty of reasons for this, but a big one was The Fabric Store. Based out of Australia, their LA store opening coincided with our arrival to the city, and walking through it’s doors was a revelation.

My past fabric shopping experiences had been limited to gigantic storefronts like Joann’s, a national chain, and Dress-Sew, a Vancouver staple. I liked being able to buy so many tools and notions at these places, but when it came to fabric, shopping was a chore. These stores try to pack so much into it’s walls that the fabric displays always seemed to be sloppy and disorganized, which wasn’t conducive to walking through the aisles and waiting to see “what grabbed you”, (one of my personal favorite methods of shopping). And even if I did walk into these stores with a specific type of fabric in mind, it took a while to hunt down the section I needed and even longer to sort through all the cheap, poor quality fabrics to find something suitable for my project. It didn’t help that I was still learning about textiles and had lots of questions to ask that no one ever seemed to be available to answer. At this point I had had so many poor customer service experiences with MOOD that I vowed never to shop there again, so big box stores and online retailers seemed to be my only resort.

The Fabric Store changed everything for me. I had been in lots of cute neighborhood fabric stores with beautifully arranged bolts lining the walls, but these shops almost exclusively sold quilting cottons- great for when I started out, but limiting when I wanted to expand my wardrobe beyond the cutesy prints that quilting cottons offer. The Fabric Store had everything great about these smaller independent stores (helpful employees, easy to navigate aisles, fabric that was reachable and viewable, clean and tidy space) but it also had a huge range of fabric! And not just fabric, GLORIOUS fabric! High quality silks, laces, apparel cottons, jewel colored merino wools from NZ, selvage denim, knits, brocades, charmeuse- literally everything you could think of, The Fabric Store had it. The store was wonderfully curated, as if your designer friend with impeccable taste pulled all her favorite fabrics into one room and invited you to worship her textile palate. As soon as I entered the store for the first time, my heart sank a little as I whispered to Claire “Oh, no…this place is going to be way too expensive for me.” I had assumed that a store this clean, this classy, this light-filled (what, no flourescents??) would be way out of my price range, so you can imagine my shock when I glanced at a few price tags and realized that they had a healthy range of prices, with some cottons starting as low as $8, higher prices for designer prints, and everything else falling in mid-range.

My makes immediately improved once I started buying fabric from a store that provided such high quality and inspiring textiles, and this in turn encouraged me to create even more, so it is a genuine pleasure to team up with them as an official ambassador for their brand and share some new makes with you- after all, I’ve been doing it for years!


I was really excited to get my hands on some Liberty of London prints since The Fabric Store started carrying them in stores a couple of months ago. In person, these fabrics did not disappoint, and I was surprised to see so many different designs within their brand- I had no idea that they made prints outside of the floral genre! So many stunning pieces, so little time! Thankfully I had Claire around to help me narrow down my selection, and one of the winners was this incredible Liberty silk which features an abstracted cityscape in shades of pink and mint green on a black background. The fabric is truly luxurious, one of those supple, smooth, glide-y silks that you want to live against your skin. I’m still not a fan of working with silks, but with a fabric this great you kind of have to get past your personal issues and just vow to work carefully and slowly.

After a quick, completely un-scientific poll on instagram, I decided to make the Anna dress by By Hand London. In the past, I have had trouble getting their designs to fit my buxom bottom, but because this dress features a high waistline with a flared skirt, I took a chance that it would suit my shape well without a ton of adjustments, and I was totally right!


I made a muslin in a size 6 for the bust and 8 for the waist and hips, and it fit pretty great after I took in the back bodice pieces slightly. Because this is such a high quality fabric and because this garment will be added to my #redcarpetDIY trove, I wanted to make sure the finishing inside was very neat, pretty and professional looking. I, like Renee (my new sewing friend- whom you all might know as Miss Celie’s Pants – that I got to hang out with in real life a couple of weeks ago!!!!!) am a real big fan of quick and dirty serging to finish seams, but I pulled it together, took my time, and did this dress justice.


All inside skirt seams are french seamed, except for the back seam with the zipper (which is a Hong Kong seam) and the seam with the thigh slit, which is just turned under itself twice and sewn down. The bodice is finished with Hong Kong seams as well, and umm…does anyone have a good tip for finishing a clipped curved seam?? I usually just sew the bias binding onto it with all these gaps going through it and it doesn’t look very good but I don’t know what else to do!


The Anna Dress, like all By Hand London patterns, was very easy to follow and construction was a breeze, even with all the french and Hong Kong seams. From starting the muslin to finishing the final garment, it took a total of about 3 days, and that’s with extra careful, very slow sewing with the slippery silk I had to contend with. I must be getting better at sewing with finicky fabrics because this garment didn’t give me much trouble at all and I didn’t feel like burning it in a fire when it was all done.


I am in absolute love with the dress and I cannot WAIT to wear it to a function. I love the bold print and the unique color combination and I love how well the pattern is suited to the Liberty print- it really lets the drama of the textile design take center stage, while still feeling sexy and comfortable. I definitely want to make this Anna in a see-through lace like in one of the pattern samples on By Hand London’s site, so of course I will be keeping my eye out for a perfect match at The Fabric Store 🙂

(photos by the lovely and talented Claire J. Savage!)




15 responses to “Love for The Fabric Store with a Liberty Make”

  1. claire Avatar


    1. Jasika Nicole Avatar

      babygirl you the best and the sweetest 🙂

  2. Erin Avatar

    Loooooove it!!! Turned out beautifully!!

  3. alissa Avatar

    Jasika!! This dress is DIVINE!! I am so impressed! And I am also now inspired to sew fabric I also bought at The Fabric Store (ummm…about two years ago!) into a summer dress!

    1. Jasika Nicole Avatar

      oh my god thank you and OH MY GOD YES YES YES MAKE A DRESS WITH YOUR FABRIC!!! Do you know what pattern you might use or what you want it to look like?? I want pics when you are done!!! LOL

  4. Heather Lou Avatar

    I could talk all day long about how great this dress is but HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR (*swooning*).

    1. Jasika Nicole Avatar

      AHHH! THANK YOU, HEATHER! It’s amazing to me how much I hated my hair when I was younger versus how differently I feel about it now…it still gets on my nerves some days, but mostly I appreciate it and that is due in no small part to social media and the smattering of affirming comments I get about it from people I haven’t even met. To women supporting women and making them feel loved and beautiful the whole world over!!! LOL

  5. Renee Avatar

    Girl. Bawdy. Hurr. I love it! I’ve actually never sewn with Liberty of London. I’m not even sure if I’ve seen it in person. Yes, I am a serge kind of girl. But, this dress deserved better. Which is only possible when you responsibly muslin like you did.

    It’s really fun to see your skills develop!

    1. Jasika Nicole Avatar

      “Responsibly Muslin”! I want that in a phrase on a bumper sticker!

  6. Lisa Avatar

    That is a classic look in a modern print. It came out absolutely beautiful! I might just have to take a trip to LA to visit that store in the near future.

  7. Julie Avatar

    I find that pinking curved seams instead of clipping is the best way to go-it allows the curve to lay flat, reduces sram bulk, and, best of all, makes applying binding a breeze! Love the dress, I’m headed back to the Anna drawing board now…

    1. Jasika Nicole Avatar

      Thanks for the tip- I will definitely try that next time!

  8. Abigail Avatar

    STUNNING! You and the dress honestly. This fabric would probably make every pattern look beautiful.

    1. Jasika Nicole Avatar

      Thanks so much!!! I agree, the fabric takes center stage here- all it needs is the right pattern to let it shine!

  9. Patricia Avatar

    This tutorial from Off the Cuff, by Pam Erny may be of help. She keeps all her tutorials in groups so you will need to scroll about 1/3 of the way down to find “Tutorial– Perfect “Turn-and-Stitch” Curved Edges and Hems”.

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