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  • Where In The World Is Sika San Diego?

    Where In The World Is Sika San Diego?

    I actually hate the nickname Sika and I only let a tiny few people in my family use it, but it does have kind of a nice ring to it in this context, lol! This Vogue 1650 trench coat was a BEAST, but I expected it to be. Occasionally I’ll come across a design that […] Continue >

  • My Journey To A Curated Closet, The Finale! Part 4

    My Journey To A Curated Closet, The Finale! Part 4

    Well, it’s not really the finale…it’s actually more like the beginning! I feel like I’ve put in a considerable amount of brain work these past few weeks trying to make sense of all this information that’s been swimming around in my head and that part finally is over- now I just get to implement all […] Continue >

  • More Color, More Curation! Part 2

    More Color, More Curation! Part 2

    That last post started so many conversations, both here and on IG, which I wasn’t expecting at all! Thanks for sharing your own experiences and enthusiastic responses- it’s been fun reading about your own forays into playing around with a color palette and being more thoughtful about your wardrobe planning- it feels like there is […] Continue >

  • The Curated Closet and Color Me Beautiful

    The Curated Closet and Color Me Beautiful

    I took a strong cue from my friend Renee of the Miss Celie’s Pants blog to read The Curated Closet, a lovely little book about how to cull your personal style and create a closet that works best for your tastes and lifestyle (full disclosure: I haven’t finished it yet because it was due back […] Continue >

  • Confetti Dress

    Confetti Dress

    I tried making this dress several years ago when I was a) not yet as adept at fitting clothes to my body b) not yet as adept at matching perfect fabric to perfect pattern and c) not yet as adept at handling silk. Needless to say, it was a not a win. I blame it […] Continue >

  • Snowbunny In the Desert

    Snowbunny In the Desert

    This is a two-for one post because the garments looked so good together I couldn’t bear to separate them! Let’s start with the jacket, which has inspired more ridiculous stories and posts on my instagram account than I ever imagined. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jasika Nicole (@jasikaistrycurious) The jacket pattern […] Continue >

  • Kalle Shirtdress

    Kalle Shirtdress

    Remember this fiasco from a couple of months ago? Well, despite my best intentions to adjust the awful fit, I couldn’t save it, at least not enough for wearing in public. It has been relegated to house attire (with the occasional last minute run to the post office if necessary), and I don’t feel good about it; I…

  • A Weekend in Hell, or How to Organize Your Sewing Patterns

    A Weekend in Hell, or How to Organize Your Sewing Patterns

    There are many, many, many awesome posts by sewing bloggers about how they organized their massive collection of sewing patterns, and if I’m being honest, I don’t think the world necessarily needs another one. BUT! I have decided to add my 2 cents anyways because I found a lot of annoying issues with the method…

  • Everyone’s OTHER Favorite Dress

    Everyone’s OTHER Favorite Dress

    McCall’s 6686 is another pattern that kept coming up on Pattern Review’s Favorite Make’s list, so I decided to give it a try and see what all the fuss was about. While it was A MILLION TIMES BETTER than this unfortunate make (which I have since adjusted in the yoke, length and hemline shape to…

  • DIY Hair Gel

    DIY Hair Gel

    I have been really getting into instagram stories lately for some weird reason. It’s weird to me because I still don’t “get” IG stories. Maybe it’s because I’m in my late thirties and I’m just now about to enter that period of an adult’s life where your comprehension and appreciation for technology starts to wane, but I just…

  • Goji Shorts in Pineappled Chambray

    Goji Shorts in Pineappled Chambray

    I love the idea of shorts but have very few in my wardrobe. Aside from a couple of ratty pairs in my “houseclothes” drawer and some running shorts that I haven’t worn since I traded jogging for spin, I have only one pair in my closet. As much as I love them, they aren’t the…

  • Everyone’s Favorite Dress

    Everyone’s Favorite Dress

    pattern: McCalls 7387 fabric: Liberty twill cotton from The Fabric Store I’m not normally one to hop on a bandwagon when the general public seems to become a fanatic of one particular thing, be it a movie, a musician, a book, or in this case, a pattern. Example: everyone I know, including my wife, has…

  • Flint Cropped Pants in Silk Cottton

    Flint Cropped Pants in Silk Cottton

    pattern: Megan Nielsen’s Flint Pants fabric: cotton silk from The Fabric Store in Los Angeles I’ve known about Megan Nielsen’s patterns for a while, but the only one I had in my pattern stash was the Cascade Skirt, which I accidentally didn’t get enough fabric for when I tried to make it years ago, so I…

  • Wide Legged Burda Pants in Cotton Linen

    Wide Legged Burda Pants in Cotton Linen

    pattern: Burda Wide Legged Trousers 10/2010 #104 fabric: cotton linen from The Fabric Store in LA I wouldn’t exactly call myself a Burda convert by any means, but I AM willing to take this pattern brand off of my AVOID AT ALL COSTS list. As frequent readers may recall, I was on an unsuccessful internet search for…

  • Suicide Kale, A Film

    It feels a little bit like a dream that I never knew I had has come true! Suicide Kale, which I have only mentioned here before briefly, is a feature film that me and my friends made a couple of years ago, and as of this week it is now available for rent on both…

  • Hannah Take 2!

    Hannah Take 2!

    This will be a mostly uninformative post because I already talked at length about my first Hannah Dress by Victory Patterns a couple of months ago here on the blog. To catch you up to speed, I really enjoyed the unique construction of the dress, from the smartly designed hidden placket at the neckline to the…

  • The Rachel Wrap Dress in Vintage Fabric

    The Rachel Wrap Dress in Vintage Fabric

      I didn’t grow up in the 70s, so although I have always understood Diane Furstenberg’s work during that period as iconic, I never had any firsthand experience with it. I knew that her signature wrap dresses were a defining aesthetic of the decade, making women of all shapes, sizes and ages feel beautiful with…

  • Embrace Octopus Sweater

    Embrace Octopus Sweater

    I used to be pretty active on, taking photos of all my knitted projects and jotting down notes to include in my overview of the patterns and yarns I used, but now that I have my own blog and an instagram account, the effort seems tedious and unnecessary. Unfortunately, the result is that instead of…

  • A Pin Up Dress in Raw Silk

    A Pin Up Dress in Raw Silk

    I have a crazy story about this fabric. It was included in one of about 3 other gigantic bags full of used men’s clothes and old fabric remnants which was “gifted” to me by someone I didn’t know very well. I had offered to teach some friends how to sew a simple project at my house, suggesting they bring…

  • Pleated Pants in Pink

    Pleated Pants in Pink

    I have always been quite fearful of sewing pants for myself, which makes very little sense considering I have successfully made nearly a dozen different versions of jeans over the past couple of years. Somehow Closet Case’s Miracle Jeans patterns (here and here) have seemed like a walk in the park compared to starting from scratch…

  • Holidays in Velvet

    Holidays in Velvet

    I have never made myself a dress for Christmas before, but since this was our year to spend with Claire’s family and they had a ‘Progressive Dinner’ planned (which entails starting dinner at one house with drinks and apps, moving on to another home for the Christmas meal and then a final house for dessert and…

  • Swans and Svaneke No. 8

    Swans and Svaneke No. 8

    I mentioned this dress in a blog post from last year about my cool lemon two-piece #redcarpetDIY outfit. The two completed projects look quite different from one another but they came from the same pattern by How To Do Fashion, Savaneke No. 8. I won’t rehash all the details from the make since you can read them in…

  • Roll Tide Toll

    Roll Tide Toll

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin *Quick note: for any of you readers who don’t follow me on BlogLovin’, you can stay up to date with my posts (and those of tons of other amazing bloggers in the online maker community) by clicking the link above and following!* What good is a rule if you don’t ever…

  • Vintage Givenchy Vogue Gown in Silver

    Vintage Givenchy Vogue Gown in Silver

    I made this dress over a year ago and wore it to an event already, so the details of the make are unfortunately not very fresh in my mind. I’m not sure why it took me so long to get it on the blog, but better late than never, right? Clearly it deserves some space…

  • New Etsy Shop to Support Charities

    New Etsy Shop to Support Charities

    I posted about this on my instagram, tumblr and twitter accounts, but I neglected to write anything about it here- unfortunately when I have an idea that is implemented quickly, my actual blog is rarely the first place I share it. I assume that most of my readers here followed me on social media first and…

  • 70’s Print for a 70’s Pattern

    70’s Print for a 70’s Pattern

    As you may well know, The Fabric Store has been carrying Liberty prints for a while now, and when I first saw them in person, the selection was both thrilling and overwhelming. Liberty has long established itself as the go-to fabric supplier for all things floral, but I soon found out that delicate flowers were not the…