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  • Knit romper

    Knit romper

    I almost titled this post “Shit Romper” as it is both brown and composed of a silhouette that, from the back, makes me look like I pooped my pants (all this in addition to being a shitty pattern), but I decided to take the high road lest I deter any sensitive readers from actually reading […] Continue >

  • old chair new clothes

    old chair new clothes

    I first learned to reupholster about 10 years ago when we first moved to LA. After living in a pre-furnished home in Vancouver for years and finding myself unable to quench the DIY bug that had taken a firm hold on me, I hit the SoCal ground running and tackled every single project I had […] Continue >

  • hacked terrycloth jumpsuit

    hacked terrycloth jumpsuit

    I’ve donned the term *spiritual hacking* (see also spiritual grading) to signify any hacking or sewing adjusting I do that is not based on math or tested techniques. It’s a method of using your eyes, your accumulated knowledge, and your gut instincts to turn a standard sewing pattern into something more new and more you! […] Continue >

  • addie masters’ vintage jumpsuit dupe

    addie masters’ vintage jumpsuit dupe

    I went into a deep dive of the work of Addie Masters in this post so if you want to read more about the original designer this jumpsuit is a dupe for, please check it out! First things first, I think this make has total WOW factor and I am so pleased with how it […] Continue >

  • Sippin’ on some sewing tea

    Sippin’ on some sewing tea

    Those who have been reading my blog posts for a while know that my primary resource for making inspiration of all kinds (clothes, shoes, ceramics, nail art!) is pinterest. It’s probably not anyone’s favorite, nor most efficient, platform to manage ideas and images, especially with ads placed every 4 or 5 pins (and lots of […] Continue >

  • Beaut J’adore for know me patterns

    Beaut J’adore for know me patterns

    I am really loving the new line of patterns that Mimi G + Simplicity have released over the past year. If you are unfamiliar, the line is called Know Me patterns and the designs are all inspired by a variety of sewing influencers in the online sewing community who also model the patterns on the […] Continue >

  • 2-toned summer dress in liberty print

    2-toned summer dress in liberty print

    The original idea I was dreaming up for my first The Fabric Store make of 2023 was a relaxed pant + robe combo. I kept seeing these colorful matching outfits on pinterest with really fun fabric placement and I was excited to try my own take. I wanted either a bold print or a bold…

  • The Cris Woods Envelope Dress

    The Cris Woods Envelope Dress

    I love that my first sewing post on this blog in about a year and a half is one that really encapsulates what I’ve been focusing on in my time away. I won’t bore you with a dissertation on why I have been away for so long, but in short, it was a mixture of…

  • My friend, Lance

    My friend, Lance

    I have a complicated relationship with public displays of grief. There are times when it can feel real and visceral and healing, and there are times when it can feel performative, especially when dealing with the loss of a well known public figure. While taking a couple of days to process my own sorrow about…

  • Faux Fur, Real Opulence

    Faux Fur, Real Opulence

    This coat was inspired by a woman named Ariana who worked on the wardrobe truck of my last job. She is one of those people who immediately comes across as VERY COOL. Tattoos, dyed hair, piercings, incredible style. She also happened to be a maker, and every time she came into my trailer we would…

  • Projectors for Sewing

    Projectors for Sewing

    I read about this phenomenon over a year ago in one of the Closet Core Patterns monthly inspo emails- there was a blog post included by a woman who was sharing her experience working with projectors in her sewing room. Essentially she (and what seemed like a growing community of others) had figured out a…

  • Sherlock Holmie

    Sherlock Holmie

      I was so intrigued when I came across Vogue 9288 a couple years ago that I feverishly hunted it down online (I *think* this was a pattern I couldn’t find in my size on etsy or ebay so I ended up buying it from an IG follower who had it in their stash), and…

  • Crazing and Shivering

    Crazing and Shivering

    Welp, this has officially been the worst couple of weeks I can recall having in quite a long time, and it’s probably not a coincidence that the downward spiral began exactly when Mars went into retrograde, lol. I don’t follow astrology much at all, other than the monthly Chani Nicholas horoscope that shows up in…

  • Theirs and Hers: Plieades Dress and Gosling Shirt with Fabric Godmother Fabric

    Theirs and Hers: Plieades Dress and Gosling Shirt with Fabric Godmother Fabric

    When Fabric Godmother reached out to me about collaborating on a blog post featuring their new line of vintage inspired fabric, I was prepared to say no because I was busy with ceramics and hadn’t felt very inspired to sew of late. But as soon as I clicked on the link showing all the fabrics…

  • Color Blocked Blanca Flightsuit

    Color Blocked Blanca Flightsuit

    Yall know I love a jumpsuit. LOVE! A! JUMPSUIT! But my favorites have been ones that I’ve tweaked and hacked between as many as 4 different patterns, so when Closet Core came out with the Blanca Jumpsuit pattern, I was over the moon! I knew the chances of it fitting me pretty closely right out…

  • Eggs/Animal Highlands Wrap Dress

    Eggs/Animal Highlands Wrap Dress

    Making this dress has been on my mind for over a year, and, par for the course for some of my most favorite makes, I was inspired by a dress I found on pinterest! It’s by designer Mara Hoffman (who has a really lovely eye for modern prints, color and style and knows exactly how…

  • Arden Pants

    Arden Pants

    Funny enough, I made several versions of the Arden shorts hack from Helen’s blog, Helen’s Closet, before I ever made the pants. Maybe because Los Angeles is in the depths of summer heat right now and shorts seemed smarter, or maybe because I wasn’t sure if the pants version would fit into my wardrobe, but…

  • Flowery and Romantic; A Departure

    Flowery and Romantic; A Departure

    Lol, this blog title. I was struggling so I just went over the top. There is little in life these days that allows for spontaneity, and I’m a rule follower by nature- I’m an avid mask wearer when in public or in spaces shared with others, I rarely leave the house except to go to…

  • Life these days…

    Life these days…

    It just occurred to me while I was writing another post that I have been pretty bad at updating this blog with anything else I do aside from sewing, which is a terrible misstep for me- this blog is about being TryCurious and trying all kinds of different things in the realm of making, which…

  • Jasika Blazer

    Jasika Blazer

    Alas! I have finally, finally, FINALLY made the Jasika Blazer by Closet Core Patterns, the sewing pattern that Heather Lou so generously named after me! Spoiler alert: I LOVE ITTTTTT! SO DEEEEEEPLY!!!!!!! Now you might be saying to yourself, wow, this pattern came out about a year ago-ish, why did it take so long for…

  • Colorblocked Kalle

    Colorblocked Kalle

    FYI: This post is about the Kalle Shirt/Shirtdress by the artist formerly known as Closet Case Patterns- they have now had a name change and can be found at Closet Core Patterns! Same great patterns, cool designs and inspiring and informative blog, but with a new name! You can check out their blog to learn…

  • Ombre Dress

    Ombre Dress

      I got this fabric for either Christmas or my birthday several years ago, I can’t remember which. It’s an ombre silk charmeuse from Mood and there were several colorways to choose from- I’m also not sure who this gift was from (I think it was Claire?) but I am SO HAPPY they chose this…

  • Mustard Linen Jumpsuit and Windowpane Check Duster

    Mustard Linen Jumpsuit and Windowpane Check Duster

    Before I begin this post, I just want to take a moment to make my position very clear- I am a staunch proponent of #blacklivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter #disabledtranslivesmatter and #defundingthegoddamnpolice. I am so worn out by the last couple weeks and I have tried to use my social media platforms as much as I can to…

  • Spotted Shelby Romper

    Spotted Shelby Romper

    I LOVE THIS MAKE, I LOVE THIS MAKE, I LOVE THIS MAKE!!! This is one of those garments that worked for me right from the very start- directly out the envelope and every step of the way. Such garments can be pretty few and far between for me, I usually need to make some sort…

  • (I Can’t Believe I Made) Silk Velvet Pants + Adrienne Blouse

    (I Can’t Believe I Made) Silk Velvet Pants + Adrienne Blouse

    I want to start out by saying that these pants are very imperfect, and I know it. I don’t say that to denigrate my skillset or self aggrandize or anything, but rather to serve as proof for any other sewists out there that things don’t have to be perfect for us to enjoy them, for…

  • Bare Mag and The Matthew Aaron Show

    I did an interview for Bare Magazine and made them a quarantine diary with Claire’s help! I’m not practiced at all in the art of producing or editing videos, but this ended up being a pretty fun project, and perhaps even more importantly, sucking up a whopping 6 hours of my time! I am thankful…